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The modern business rules engine

The world of technology is changing so fast and the need for business to get into the market is always a growing challenge.  The technologists are looking for options and obviously adopting various rules engine solutions to quickly enable the business policy changes to the market.

But most of the rules engine that are in the market built based on legacy based technologies and most of them doesn’t offer interoperability between various technologies and systems which is a huge need these days.

LiveRules comes into the Rules engine that comes with out of the box support for

  • Integration with various systems
  • Integration with JSON, XML, RDBMS, MongoDB, HBase, etc
  • Support for JMS and MQ Messaging
  • Support for Web service integrations
  • Can run without any specialized server needs
  • Can run as service, standalone application or embedded in a Java based applications
  • Comes with web-based user interface for authoring rules
  • Support for multilingual
  • and so on

Not only LiveRules comes with all these out of the box support for various system and technology integrations, it also supports various run time tools which helps the business, and developers on a day-to-day support operations.